Vantage Offerings

Insurance Offering

Our insurance segment has a strategic focus on data and analytics, allowing us to provide our clients with a fresh and diverse perspective. We underwrite select lines of insurance in the Bermuda and non-admitted U.S. markets. Planning is underway to launch an Admitted Carrier in the U.S. as we continue to build our platform to serve the many needs of our customers and the marketplace.


Vantage® has brought on industry-leading talent specializing in Underwriting, Risk Management, Data & Analytics, and Claims. Together, the Vantage Team is developing and utilizing market-leading technology that will help us serve our customers and business partners in a way that sets us apart.

Lines of Business


Alex Blanco

Chief Executive of Insurance
[email protected]
+1 917 856 9668

Kelly Bellitti

Chief Pricing Actuary
[email protected]
+1 646 717 2822

Leanne Berry

Chief Distribution Officer
[email protected]
+1 312 550 4108

Justin Gress

Chief Operating Officer
J[email protected]
+1 312 218 9240

Jason LaMonica

SVP, Head of Construction
[email protected]
+1 908 400 4935

Leona Lik

SVP, Bermuda Fin & Prof Lines
L[email protected]
+1 441 705 0632

Bhuma Patel

SVP, Head of Financial Institutions
[email protected]
+1 848 391 8588

Ray Pernsteiner

SVP, US Healthcare
R[email protected]
+1 651 269 5908

Nicole Perrault

SVP, Head of Property Insurance Underwriting
[email protected]
+1 508 982 6744

Stephen Perrella

Chief Claims Officer
[email protected]
+1 732 413 5578

Sean Quigley

Chief Financial Officer
S[email protected]
+1 401 261 2305

Lila Granda

Interim Head of Political Risk & Credit
[email protected]
+1 202 984 0963

Krista Robinson

Head of Insurance Reserving and Risk Management
[email protected]
+1 312 576 6700

Richard Wall

SVP, Head Of U.S. Financial Lines
[email protected]
+1 860 805 0951

Denise Watkins

SVP, Head of Casualty
[email protected]
+1 441 734 0619

Juliet White

Head of Cyber and E&O
[email protected]
+1 516 695 0208

Reinsurance Offerings

Vantage® offers reinsurance through its Bermuda operating subsidiary, Vantage Risk Ltd. Our reinsurance structures include Occurrence & Aggregate Excess of Loss, Per Risk, and Proportional business in select classes and geographies. We deliver value for our clients by combining underwriting creativity with data science, robust analytics, and an efficient technology platform.


Our reinsurance team has an extensive background in the Bermuda market and are able to entertain risk from a broad, international client base.

Lines of Business


Chris McKeown

Chief Executive of Reinsurance, Innovation & ILS
[email protected]
+1 617 949 6953 (US)

Peta White

[email protected]
+1 441 278 0605 (direct)
+1 441 504 7382 (mobile)

Mark Booth

Chief Risk Officer
[email protected]
+1 441 278 0612 (direct)
+1 441 524 9171 (mobile)

Yulia Bruskova

Chief Pricing Actuary
[email protected]
+1 441 278 0618 (direct)
+1 441 595 5505 (mobile)

Maurice Kane

Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
+1 441 278 1302 (direct)
+1 441 799 1302 (mobile)

Megan Kempe

Head of Property and Emerging Risks Underwriting
[email protected]
+1 441 278 1056 (direct)
+1 441 735 1056 (mobile)

Miles Staples

Head of Specialty Underwriting
[email protected]
+1 441 278 0606 (direct)
+1 441 504 2296 (mobile)

Group Holdings

Vantage Group Holdings Ltd. is a privately held, Bermuda company that provides specialty re/insurance through its operating subsidiaries in Bermuda and the U.S. Vantage is managed by industry-leading executives with an average of 30 years of industry experience. Carlyle and Hellman & Friedman, global investment firms with deep experience in the re/insurance industry, are lead investors in Vantage.

We see risk Differently

We believe in “smart underwriting,” which is about getting comfortable with various data sources and maximizing those data insights to facilitate new offerings, enter new markets, and enable underwriters to make more scientific-based decisions on risk.