Never before has the construction industry taken on more ambitious and complex projects than they do today. As ambition and complexity increase, so does risk. At Vantage, our construction team is comprised of industry-leading specialists who understand the complicated risks inherent in the construction industry. We thrive on solving complex problems and providing tailored risk solutions that allow our clients to focus on achieving their goals. Vantage’s construction offerings are designed to help them Build the Future.

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“Vantage’s construction unit is a full industry vertical. We provide all the key coverages construction customers require. We use in-house data & analytics, along with partnerships with third-party technology vendors, to complement our best-in-class underwriting, risk engineering, and claims expertise so our customers can concentrate on doing what they do best: building great projects.”

-Jason LaMonica, SVP & Head of Construction

Risk Engineering Services

We offer Risk Engineering services to provide risk assessment and improvement feedback designed to help our customers improve their risk management practices and reduce their total cost of risk.

Claims Services

Our claims experts work collaboratively with our customers and brokers to resolve claims quickly and efficiently and allow our customers to do what they do best – design and build great projects.

Construction Team

Jason LaMonica

SVP, Head Of Construction
[email protected]
+1 908 400 4935 (US)

Megan Fletcher

SVP, Head Of Subcontractor Default Insurance
[email protected]
+1 214 929 3060 (US)

Lawrence Lejfer

SVP, Head Of Construction Professional & Pollution
[email protected]
+1 732 570 0739 (US)

We see risk Differently

We believe in “smart underwriting,” which is about getting comfortable with various data sources and maximizing those data insights to facilitate new offerings, enter new markets, and enable underwriters to make more scientific-based decisions on risk.