Political Risk & Credit

Vantage’s Political Risk and Credit (“PRC”) team provides bespoke solutions to help organizations invest and operate
around the world. The PRC underwriters bring their decades of experience in the government and private sectors to help
see risk differently.


Political Risk Insurance

Credit Insurance

Single Situation Non-Payment Risks; Non-Payment Risk Portfolios; Capacity up to $40 million and tenors up to 10 years.

Political Risk Insurance

Expropriation, Currency Inconvertibility, Political Violence; Contract Frustration, Non-Honoring; Infrastructure Finance, Mobile Asset Finance; Capacity up to $50 million and tenors up to 20 years.

Public Agencies

Multilateral Agencies, Export Credit Agencies, Development Finance Institutions.

Financial Institutions

Global Banks, Alternative Capital, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Mobile Asset Financiers.

Multinational Corporations

Contractors, Infrastructure Developers, Importers/Exporters.

“Vantage is an agile and innovative underwriter of Political Risk and Credit Insurance. Our team is ready to work with brokers and clients to find ways to address the risks associated with operating and lending in emerging and developed markets. We work with global financial institutions, public agencies, and multinational corporations and are committed to finding ways to help manage their risks so they can focus on doing what they do best.”

Dan Riordan,

Global Head of Political Risk & Credit

Political Risk & Credit Team

Dan Riordan

Global Head of Political Risk & Credit

Richard Abizaid

VP & Senior Underwriter

Jamie Brache

VP & Senior Underwriter

Javier Gomez

VP & Senior Underwriter

Lila Granda

Senior Risk Manager

Eric Jowett

VP & Senior Underwriter

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We see risk Differently

We believe in “smart underwriting,” which is about getting comfortable with various data sources and maximizing those data insights to facilitate new offerings, enter new markets, and enable underwriters to make more scientific-based decisions on risk.