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We see risk differently

In an increasingly uncertain world filled with both new and evolving risks, you don’t have to go it alone. The creative and relentlessly curious team at Vantage provides fresh ideas and trailblazing solutions to solve clients’ risks. Driven by analytics and tech-enabled efficiency, Vantage is your re/insurance partner, built for the future.

About Vantage

Risk has drastically increased in recent years and will only continue to grow. But rather than run away from rising uncertainty, at Vantage, we boldly run toward it. This allows us to offer new ideas and fresh perspectives in the re/insurance world — an industry typically afraid to think outside the box. We’ve traded the suits and spreadsheets of the past, investing in the right talent and technology for the future. If you need a partner who sees things differently, look no further than Vantage.


At Vantage, we see risk differently. Our insurance segment has a strategic focus on data and analytics, enhancing our offering in the marketplace. Vantage is intentionally designed for the future, unencumbered by legacy challenges. This tech-forward focus gives our clients an advantage that allows us to strategically serve the insurance market with a fresh and diverse perspective.


As a Bermuda registered Class 4 re/insurer, our reinsurance team delivers value for our clients by combining underwriting creativity with data science, robust analytics, and an efficient technology platform. Designed for the future, we look across today’s complex global environment and continually address our clients’ needs with insight and creativity — even for those risks others typically avoid.

Our Team

Vantage Group Holdings Executive Leadership Team.

Greg Hendrick

Chief Executive Officer

Bobbi Anderson

General Counsel

Nikki Gonzalez

Chief Talent Officer

Peter Hahn

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Greg Hendrick

Chief Executive, Insurance

Gail McGiffin

Chief Information & Operations Officer

Chris McKeown

Chief Executive, Reinsurance, ILS, and Innovation

Aurora Swithenbank

Chief Financial Officer

Contact Us


For questions, or to speak with someone at Vantage directly, please contact us at: [email protected].


If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities, please contact our talent team at: [email protected]