Bermuda Excess Casualty & Healthcare

At Vantage, the Bermuda Excess Casualty and Healthcare department provides comprehensive liability insurance on various coverage forms, including occurrence, claims-made, and occurrence reported, utilizing Vantage Risk Ltd paper. We can deploy 25M of capacity at a range of attachment points throughout the client’s liability tower, providing client-centered solutions. The Excess Casualty focus is on national accounts, while the Healthcare focus is on large integrated healthcare delivery systems in the U.S.

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Thought Leadership

“At Vantage, we use data and analytics to help us analyze a client’s portfolio to better understand their risks. We then partner with our brokers and work to provide solutions to clients on their large and complex casualty and healthcare programs. We truly live by the company’s ethos of seeing risk differently and being solution-oriented, which is shown in our approach to working with our clients and brokers.”

Denise Watkins, SVP, Head Of Casualty

Featured Experts

Denise Watkins

SVP, Head Of Casualty
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+1 441-278-0619

Cherie Edwards

Vice President, Underwriter
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Samantha Mohs

Vice President, Underwriter
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Justin Robinson

Senior Underwriting Assistant
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Ionela Leamey

Technical Underwriting Assistant
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+1 441-278-1061

We see risk Differently

We believe in “smart underwriting,” which is about getting comfortable with various data sources and maximizing those data insights to facilitate new offerings, enter new markets, and enable underwriters to make more scientific-based decisions on risk.